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why choose the Québec City area, in Canada?

Without complexities or complications: Québec City offers all the amenities of a megacity, with none of the drawbacks.

Steady economic growth for more than 20 years

Canada's highest employment rate

88.6 % in 2016 for the 25 to 54 year old group – The country’s lowest unemployment rate

Major economic hub

Supported by a high degree of industrial diversification

Political, economic and cultural capital

what makes us one of a kind

Without complexities or complications: Québec City offers all the amenities of a megacity, with none of the drawbacks.

In the Québec City area :

  • You’ll never be alone because collaboration and mutual aid are deeply embedded in our inner nature.
  • You’ll find talented people with sharp minds who are eager to help propel your ideas to a whole new level.
  • You’ll benefit from an environment that advocates ambition without pretence, knowing that the key to pushing back boundaries is collective effort.
  • You’ll find the perfect example of an all-inclusive, a region that is both a much sought-after, welcoming place and a wonderful springboard to world markets.
  • The region offers an outstanding living environment where happiness is therefore made easy and within everyone’s reach.

Efficient + friendly = pampered investor

The Québec City area, it’s simple. It’s not a wish or a slogan. It is, to put it simply, a reality. Make it your reality.

never alone

A dynamic economy, low operating costs, strong industrial diversity and examples of unprecedented collaborations.

Québec City is COOPERATIVE. See why >

sharp minds

A specialized workforce, respected educational institutions, R&D at its best and innovative ecosystems.

Québec City is CREATIVE. Discover why >
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ambition without pretence

Crowning achievements, the status of provincial capital and heritage city growing entrepreneurship and ground-breaking companies.

Québec City is PROUD. See why >

all inclusive

Transportation infrastructures, exports, foreign subsidiaries and international immigration.

Québec City is OPEN. Explore why>

happiness made easy

A low cost of living, quality healthcare and education systems, thriving cultural and sports scenes and a way of doing business differently.

Québec City is HAPPY. Learn why >

Additional information

location – North America

Québec City area's main points of interest
Main points of interest

research centers, industrial zones, transportation infrastructures