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The right place to innovate
in artificial intelligence

Inspirational successes


“We need to train more artificial intelligence experts. Places like Laval University, which already have a research group and AI expertise that form a major critical mass, are an example of where Québec needs to invest to be involved in the industry. What’s more, Québec City already has a strong industrial ecosystem that includes expertise in robotics, vision, and more—fields that complement AI solutions. This makes the area a prime destination within the sector.” Yoshua Bengio, Scientific Director, MILA – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute


“At the CRDM, we are developing artificial intelligence solutions for specific fields like precision medicine, so that we can understand DNA and how proteins interact within the human body. Not all types of algorithms can do this, so we need to work closely with researchers in the field to develop the best generic solutions. Before, artificial intelligence was the domain of Google, Facebook and other tech giants. Today, it’s a tool to be used by our local businesses. In Québec City, we’re well-equipped to transfer knowledge to our industries.” François Laviolette, Director, Centre de recherche en données massives (CRDM), Laval University


“I love Québec City because its vibrant business ecosystem encourages collaboration. I feel like it gives us the advantages of a big city, but with a reasonable cost of living. What’s more, the area’s cutting-edge businesses and invaluable entities like LE CAMP and BHQc allow HydraLab to surround itself with experts.” Francis Nadeau, CEO, HydraLab

Why choose the Québec City area, in Canada, for your project?

Real-world data
to stay ahead of the competition

We can process real-world data from highly accurate sensors operating in real-world conditions to ensure systems perform perfectly.

Specific programs
to train the next generation

Laval University is just one of many universities offering programs like a Master’s of Information Technology – Artificial Intelligence. The program includes an internship with professionals in the field, ensuring that knowledge is transferred from researchers to businesses.

Research expertise
to deepen our understanding of AI

Nearly 50 researchers are active in data processing and applied algorithms for cognitive sciences, industry 4.0, robotics, bioinformatics, artificial vision and more.

AI applications in a variety of markets
to enhance innovation

More than 80 companies, including some 20 foreign subsidiaries, are producing or using AI solutions in their everyday business. They are using AI in industries like health, industry, insurance and financial services, marketing and entertainment.

Financial aid
to help you start up and grow

The City of Québec has implemented several unique financing programs to support the introduction and growth of companies. Among others, these programs help companies reduce their R&D infrastructure costs.

Strong IT infrastructures
to apply

TélécTelecommunications, data centres, supercalculators, 5G… Québec City has an excellent environment to develop your AI solutions.

strong presence of fundamental and applied research

Nearly 50 researchers specializing in data processing and analysis

Develops practical applications of artificial intelligence, with research projects in language processing, bioinformatics, big data and learning theory.

Studies, designs and uses distributed intelligent shared environments to improve users’ quality of life by reducing the effects of their geographic distribution.

Research focusing on computer vision and its industrial and biomedical applications.

Research focused on machine learning, single- and multi-agent learning and planning, distributed decision-making in the face of uncertainties, and more.

they chose Québec City

customized support

Québec International fosters business growth and development, supports key clusters and attracts talent and investments to the area. We provide support services that are tailored to meet your needs and supported by our networks of local, national and international contacts. We are a unique guide that will help you join Québec City’s artificial intelligence sector.

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