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The right place to innovate
in digital solutions

Inspirational successes


“Since Beenox was acquired by Activision in 2005, the interactive entertainment giant has continued to invest in the studio’s development. Québec City’s stable, predictable tax framework and production costs that remains competitive even on a global scale make it a highly attractive choice for labour investments. The area’s world-renowned training programs and interactive entertainment talent pool allow us to recruit many of our employees locally. What’s more, the unparalleled quality of life here makes it much easier to attract talent from around the world. All of these factors have allowed us to develop knowledge and expertise that make us a peerless partner. The high quality of AAA titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 make them stand out around the world.” Sylvain Morel, Co-Studio Head, Beenox


“In 2015, Gearbox found an incredibly rich talent pool in Québec City. It was perfect for developing major video games, full of qualified, passionate creators working in a safe, successful business environment. These Texan investors understood that Québec City is a world heritage gem in more ways than one. Since then, in addition to continuing to grow its game development team, Gearbox is furthering its investment by creating a publishing team!” Sébastien Caisse, Co-Studio Head, Gearbox Software


“Not only is Québec City home to a major digital visual effects studio, but since 2014, its many artists have been contributing to a number of blockbusters and international projects. We currently have more than 50 employees (and are working towards 80!), all of whom are proud of the work we do and proud to be part of such a human company. Our team is close-knit and our artists have become friends. That makes a huge difference to the work environment and makes everyone want to do more. Even better, Rodeo also allows us to work with top-tier clients while continuing to provide a healthy workplace. Valérie Clément, VFX Producer, Rodeo FX

why choose the Québec City
area, in Canada, for your project?

World-class talent
to help you keep ahead of the game

Thanks to superior qualifications from leading college and university programs, our engineers and programmers allow you to keep competing against global giants.

Financial aid
to help you start up and grow

Numerous federal, provincial and municipal financing programs support the introduction and growth of companies. In particular, there are tax programs for multimedia titles and financial support for offices.

to maximize your creativity

A digital creation competition, meetings for producers and broadcasters, a scholarship for the development of a first video game, a networking cocktail event for the tech community, the Semaine numérique (conferences and workshops)… We have many opportunities for improvement, meetings and business development for local companies.

Central location
to help you join the community easily

LE CAMP, Québec City’s tech incubator-accelerator, has office space available for a low cost and without a long-term commitment to help you launch your project in Québec City.

Varied expertise
to help you stand out

Animation, special effects, video games, 3D environments, programming, cinema, virtual and augmented reality, web development… In Québec City, the possibilities are endless.

Low operating costs
to help you do more

It costs 32% less to operate a video game studio in Québec City than in the average American city.

cutting-edge education for the next generation

Bachelor’s of Art and Science of Animation, IT and software engineering, web programming

Video game programming technical program

Sound and music synchronization technical program

3D animation, video game programming and special effects technical program

Art and 3D animation and video game design technical programs

they chose Québec City

customized support

Québec International fosters business growth and development, supports key clusters and attracts talent and investments to the area. We provide support services that are tailored to meet your needs and supported by our networks of local, national and international contacts. We are a unique guide that will help you join Québec City’s digital sector.

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