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all inclusive

Benefit from a unique environment
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It's simple!

all inclusive

We may not have the most extensive garden, but we spend the time and resources needed to ensure that it flourishes. Infrastructures, green energy, telecommunications, transportation and open markets: the Québec City area has everything you’re looking for. But it also has much more. Here, we embrace diversity because this diversity pushes us forward. The Québec City area has always been a fundamentally welcoming place for individuals and businesses alike, as well as being an excellent springboard to international opportunities.

open + connected = catalyst for success

a well-connected region

Nearly 420 flights per week.

Over 40 industrial zones and parks in the metropolitan region.

The Québec City area’s big data storage infrastructures are recognized for their high level of security.

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an open and welcoming region

50 free trade agreements (FTAs), commercial partnerships and agreements providing local businesses with privileged access to the global market.

Over 225 foreign subsidiaries have chosen the Québec City area.

The area attracts many highly qualified foreign workers – 1st in Canada for immigrant labour market integration.

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open + connected = catalyst for success

Be part of the equation:

  • Gain unhindered access to new markets
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge infrastructures
  • Make setting up your business simple

The Québec City are, it’s simple!