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ambition without pretence

Benefit from a unique environment
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It's simple!

ambition without pretence

Thinking big without going overboard is the balance we try to strike because this is what allows us to commit ourselves to one project after another without crushing the competition. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are a source of pride and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. They share their achievements knowing that their city appreciates what they do and will return the favour. Success as a key element for social cohesion: we reap the benefits of this scarce commodity in our unique business ecosystem.
proud + appreciative = driver of performance

On the list of the
Top 10 “Mid-sized American
Cities of the Future” and in the
rankings for the“Business
Friendliness” category 2017/2018

Université Laval
One of the top 6
major research
and creation universities
in Canada

Québec Ranked #1
Best City in Canada for “Young People” in 2018

#1 in the world
for its low operating costs
for cities with over
100,000 inhabitants

2016 Leading
Culture Destination

Ranked among the
top 7 and
“Smart 21”
intelligent cities

an unparalleled entrepreneurial ecosystem

Many of the region’s teaching establishments have developed structured mentoring programs that are adapted to the realities and needs of today’s entrepreneurs.

Crowdfunding allows businesses to obtain financial support from an entire community to help launch their activities which in turn leads to further financial support.

"Entrepreneurship" Guidebook

The Québec City area is the perfect place to immigrate and launch a business. Whether you’re looking to create a new business or buy a franchise or company, the opportunities are endless. You just need to surround yourself with the right people.

Start preparing your project by downloading our entrepreneurship guidebook. This guide has the factual information you need to fuel your decision-making process.


Discover more of the region's advantages here!
proud + appreciative = driver of performance

Be part of the equation:

  • Easily become part of the community
  • Take advantage of powerful allies
  • Maximize your chances of success

The Québec City area, it’s simple!